Carolyn Gross is a breast cancer conqueror and helps people transform chaos into confidence. She is an Award Winning Speaker, Corporate Stress Consultant, Health and Wellness Expert as seen on NBC, ABC and Lifetime TV. She is the Author of several wellness books: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos, How to Keep Positive in an Unsettled World, Treatable & Beatable and Breaking the Cancer Code. Credentials include Certified Trainer for Color Code and Day Timer, Past President of National Speakers Association.

In this short excerpt from the Global Cancer Symposium Carolyn shares the importance of comprehensive cancer treatment versus complimentary cancer treatment and talks about her experience with immunotherapy.

    2 replies to "The Dark Age of Cancer Treatment is Nearing its End – Carolyn Gross"

    • Lyn

      What kind of immunotherapy is she talking about?

      My impression of mainstream immunotherapy is yet another ‘torture them while they live another few months.’

      Yet I applaud her emphasis on listening to your instincts(better yet the Lord) and aligning with the chosen path of treatment.

    • Nelena White

      This makes me want to hear more from her! I love her passion and optimism!!!

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