Professor Dr. Dana Flavin holds an honorary professor title from The Leicester School of Pharmacy at De Montfort University in the UK where she teaches the pharmacology of anti-cancer nutrients and off-label drugs. She received her Degree in Psychology and Chemistry from Loyola University and completed graduate school in pharmacology at Chicago Medical School. Four years later, she was appointed Science Assistant to the Associate Bureau Director for Toxicology at the Food and Drug Administration in Washington D.C. During this time, she researched the molecular biology of cancer and tumor promotion, investigating the application of translational medicine into potential therapies for cancer. She was then appointed Science Advisor to the President of the Nutrition Foundation and began graduate studies at Howard University in Nutrient Biochemistry under the Department of Nutrition. Dr. Flavin’s website is

Watch this full interview during the Global Cancer Symposium August 15th-22nd, 2019 by registering here.

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    • Carmi Hazen

      Dr. Flavin is spot on! I have been collecting antique medical books over a span of 40+ years. Doctors back around 1900 were curing cancer routinely. Based upon her statements I know she is correct. Cancer is a metabolic disorder. It is a disease of modern civilization.

      To quote Dr. Robert Bell from London in his 1908 classic book he states: “Cancer is Nature’s protest against disobedience. It is the penalty She imposes upon those who, knowingly or unknowingly ignore Her teachings.”

    • Kathleen


    • Mary Marth

      I am eager to watch

    • Sandra

      WOW !! Great hearing the interview with Dr. Dana Flavin. Thanks so much .

    • Norma Mann

      Would like to register for the full interview

    • F.

      I read in a book from 1978 that radiation from electromagnetic fields also cause cancer. (G.L Playfair, S. Hill)
      They tested it on mice and the results where shocking.
      So watch out with electricity and WIFI or other wireless communication stuff. Especialy in the beadroom.

      • Caroline Schofield

        I’m worried about recurrence of Grade 3 serous carcinoma of the uterus- stage 2. 2year check (ct scan + plus oncologist appointment) in early September. I’ve just heard that Paclitaxel spreads cancer – I had 3 rounds of that with Cisplatin. I’m very worried now.

    • Beth Mann

      Our team at CollMed is really excited ! Thanks for this amazing opportunity.

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