Chris Wark is the best-selling author of Chris Beat Cancer, and in this video excerpt from the Global Cancer Symposium, Chris shares vital nutrients and food sources that are critical to help enhance your immune system and improve your odds of preventing and reversing cancer.

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    • Carol

      Been listening to your message for a couple of years now. This is an excellent synopsis. Thank you for spreading such an important message.
      If we could get the medical association to see how important nutrition is to health,it would revolution the standard medical treatments.
      Thank you

      • Global Cancer Symposium

        Totally agreed!

    • Lance Rooney

      Great stuff as usual, Chris. I’ve been a follower of yours since I was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma in February 2016 and you, and others like you, took the fear out of the disease from that scary diagnosis. I live a healthy life today thanks to your teachings on nutrition, exercise and CAM therapies, and set up my own blog devoted to the cause to give back. Many, many thanks.

    • Tan S. Yong

      What supplement for lung cancer tumour?

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